The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Cadet Program affords our youth with many opportunities to develop leadership skills through an aerospace program. The minimum age to join as a cadet is 12 years old; maximum age to join as a cadet is 18. Cadets can remain in the Cadet Program until they turn 21.

CAP builds strong citizens for the future by providing leadership training, technical education, scholarships and career education to young men and women through our Cadet Programs. This is not a situation where Adults are leading the Young. The Cadets take command, responsibility, and leadership with Senior oversight. CAP offers more than $200,000 in college scholarships each year, and about 10 percent of each year’s freshman class at the U.S. Air Force Academy is comprised of former CAP cadets.

Thousands of young people have their first orientation flights through the cadet program, and hundreds have soloed in gliders and powered aircraft. Tens of thousands have attended National Cadet Special Activities throughout the nation. They may learn techniques for search and rescue and disaster relief. They may sample possible career choices by studying with a university engineering or technology department. They may learn teamwork and leadership through competitions in problem-solving and physical endurance.

Cadets can enjoy overseas travel through the International Air Cadet Exchange, and CAP families can welcome foreign exchange students into their homes here in the states. CAP members, including cadets, volunteer their time in public schools, teaching respect, manners and personal accountability in a drug-free environment.

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