NER Mission Aircrew School

A unique opportunity to learn the academic knowledge and practical experience needed for Aircrew Specialties over two consecutive weekends in August at Camp Niantic in Niantic, CT, and Groton Airport, Groton, CT.  With academics on the weekend August 8-10, and practical in-flight experience training occurring the weekend of August 15-17.  The following ES Specialty courses are being offered :

Mission Pilot and Mission Observer: All students will obtain enough knowledge to complete the academic knowledge tasks MO and MP SQTR.  Many will receive depending on weather enough experience to complete the demonstration tasks.  If time permits the MP may complete the CAP Form 91 Mission Pilot check evaluation, with their respective Wing’s approval.

Mission Scanner:  All students will obtain the minimum academic knowledge and practical experience required for a Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Mission Scanner (MS) listed in the MS Specialty Qualification Training Record (SQTR).

Mission Aerial Photographer:  This course will give the student the minimum academic knowledge and practical experience required for a CAP Mission Aerial Photographer (AP)

Course Specialty SQTR must have Unit Commander Approval for Prerequisites!


In order to minimize the cost, the course is designed as a pay for what you want.  All Breakfast and Lunch meals are included, but Dinners are on your own at local restaurants, pay as you go.  Billeting is pay for what you need, at $25 per night, or you are welcome to make your own arrangements at a local hotel, or even stay with friends.


$100.00 for both weekends (MP, MO, Both MS & AP)

$50 for 1st weekend only 

Please register on line below.

Send required forms (with wing and/or region CC signatures) and Fees, if by check (or electronic payment online) to Lt Col Paul Ghiron to ( CAPF 31CAPF 160CAPF 161), No later than 20 July 2014.

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