SEG CAC Election results

On 10 May 2014, the South Eastern Group Cadet Advisory Council voted on new members to staff the 2014-2015 CAC. The changes in position are as follows:

Outgoing Chairman: C/2nd Lt. Adrian Kahaner, CAP (NY-048)
Incoming Chairman: C/MSgt Sheila Dolan, CAP (NY-159)

Vice Chairman: C/CMSgt Brandon Villegas, CAP (NY-033) -NO CHANGE-

Recorder: C/CMSgt Catherine Schlusser, CAP (NY-159) -NO CHANGE-

Squadron commanders are recommended to move their secondary representatives to primary position, and send new cadets to represent them on the council.

As the outgoing CAC Chairman, I wish the new council the best of luck with the projects they have planned for this year. It has been my honor to serve with these cadets on our council, and I am fully confident in their ability to embody the voice of the cadets and find new ways to improve our cadet program.


C/2nd Lt. Adrian Kahaner

Westchester Cadet Squadron

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